As a French 1 student, it is important that you know your Paris basics. Even if we can't take a class field trip to the City of Lights, we can use technology to virtually visit France's capital. In this webquest you'll learn more about Paris and it's famous monuments using the internet and Google Earth. You'll also explore the complex Paris Metro System. Your final product will be a Google Earth Tour with your audio narrarating each stop on the trip. You will upload this video to your Tumblr portfolio.

By the end of this project...

You will be familiar with the geography of Paris (arrondissements and monuments)

o   What are the most important sites in Paris?
o   Why are they important? (Historically, Culturally, Currently)
o   What information is important to know in order to visit?
o   How is Paris physically organized?
o   How does this system compare to the organizational system of my hometown?

You will have exposure to the Paris metro system

o   Why is the metro an important mode of transportation in Paris?
o   How does transportation in Paris compare to transportation in my hometown?
o   What are the pros and cons of the metro system?

You will reinforce map reading skills learned in other classes

o   How does one travel on the metro from Point X to Point Y?

You will be comfortable using Google Earth as an exploratory tool for any content area

o   Why is Google Earth an important tool for a 21st Century Learner?
o   What can Google Earth teach us that cannot be found in a textbook/non-technology resource?
o   What does Google Earth teach us about French life and culture?
o   What does Google Earth teach us about our own life and culture?

Exploration of screen casting

o   How can screen casting be helpful as a study skill?
o   What aspects of French life, culture and geography are we able to capture and teach with screen casting that we cannot capture and teach with a textbook/non-technology resource?